Just chill hun. Let it go. Have you ever heard people talk about situations when they weren’t even thinking about something and it happened? The more you focus on something, obsess over it; its importance in life elevates so greatly, it can open your mind to every insecurity, negativity, fear, anxious thought and feelings and anticipated outcomes. Leading from this mind space suffocates the best version of ‘you’.

What’s the worst that can happen? He flakes on you? Well then, bye Felicia! No loss!!! No Carrie Bradshaw ‘rock bottom after Mr Big dumped her at their wedding’ scenario! (One of Sex In the City’s finest scenes to tug at a gal’s heart strings and create man haters!!) So you’ve actually dodged a bullet. Phew!!! Who’s next in line?


So Mr Grey (as we have named him for the purpose of this blog story), has messaged details about the date on Friday night. Two days sending your cortisol in to extreme levels for no reason other than acting from fear.

After work, you sit down with ONE or TWO glasses of wine, watch netflix, chill and have an early night so you are fresh and clear (because in a parallel world you are happy with this outcome).

However, that would not be in line with ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’. So, you take on board the advice from girlfriends who seem to miss the love boat as well and play a little game called, ‘let’s give him a pre romper and post a sexy pic or selfie with another guy on social media so he’s a lil jelly and realises if he doesn’t act fast, there are other guys pursuing you’. Sounds like more fun than swiping right on tinder and definitely a great idea to get him to be attracted to you right?

Hmmmm……to be continued

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