When a woman cancels her existing plans to accept a date, it screams desperation. She is trying to please and impress a man which gives the image she is less than high commodity. He doesn’t need to do much to pursue her, she doesn’t value her friends and puts pressure on the outcome of the date which majority of men freak at.
“Will I be responsible for her happiness?” Is the thought running through his mind.

“Is she THAT eager to find a man, she will drop her ‘life’ for someone she doesn’t know yet? Does she lack self respect by living in the future without finding out if we are even on the same page (same values)?”



So he hasn’t called, sent you a message via iMessage, messenger, email, Whatsapp, Instagram, twitter, Linkedin, snapchat, viper, Pintrest, eBay, reference on your bank account or, after recovering your myspace password…..still nothing??!! Doesn’t he realise the process you have to go through for a 2 to 3 hour date??? Wait, maybe your phone was on silent and you missed his call? No, you’ve been waiting by it all day and night and there’s no misses. Inconsiderate sob! It’s been 17hours, 21 mins and 12 seconds since he suggested the date and you STILL don’t know what’s happening.

You should message him. Totally!!! Just act like you’re not frustrated because there’s surely a reasonable explanation. His Grandma died, he flushed his phone down the loo, an 8 wheel truck drove and reversed over it 3 times, he’s super excited about the date too and is shy?? Yes you should DEFINITELY message him. Absolutely! If you would like to lose a guy in 10 days, then this is a sure way! Go ahead!
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Hey Christian. How are you? I’m looking forward to Friday night. Just wondering if you’ve booked the restaurant and if so is it casual or cocktail attire? I’m on ASOS now and just wondering what outfit to buy. hahaha.

(2 hours later)

No reply yet. Your emotional state has gone from anger, to, nahhhh play it cool, to, jerk, to, ‘why does this always happen to me?’, to, watching Sleepless in Seattle in bed again with a block of Cadbury multi pack chocolates, tearing up at the part where Sam reveals on live radio why he can’t sleep….and every other soppy part after.

Wait… should absolutely, definitely double text. Maybe his internet is slow or he didn’t hear the notification, or you’ve given off a vibe to make him think you are not really interested?? Send him another.

YOUR DOUBLE TEXT: Oh and I’m definitely keen for Friday night in case you were wondering?! My friends are super cool with me canceling. They want to see me with someone who makes me happy too & tbh, I’m not getting any younger! hehehe. Joking!! (insert monkey with hand over mouth emoji and a wink face)

Oh hi. Sorry for the delay, I was busy. Your friends are funny. I haven’t booked anything yet but I guess just wear a dress or something. I’ll call you when I know. x

Busy?!?! Who’s THAT busy they can’t text someone they’re suppose to be interested in? For 2 hours!? He’s totally a player and screwing other chicks. Bet it took him 2 hours just to reply to all his hoes!!!! I’m going to stalk his insta and Facebook and see if he’s liked other girls’ posts! Maybe I need to up my game? Maybe I’ve been a bit aloof and he doesn’t think I really like him? He DID put an “x” (kiss) at the end of his message. If he has other girls on the go, I have to be the one who stands out to him!!!!

Thats ok. You must have been busy!! Well, let me know as soon as you do. Can’t wait! xxx

You purchase 3 outfits on line, book a spray tan, hair, nails, eyelashes and make-up appointment. You’re planning to ‘dress to impress’ and determined to look like a supermodel in a slow motion movie scene with a wind machine blowing your long golden locks as you sexually glide in via the entrance of the restaurant, flicking your head from side to side in sync with the wind, as he eye balls you in lust and fantasy. You’re going to rock his world!!!