So you’ve met a guy. Well….not officially yet. He’s pm’d you on messenger or insta and his message was more than ‘wyd’ or ‘hey’. Maybe you’re the real life ‘Bachelorette’ amongst your married and attached friends and they have this ‘great guy you should meet’?

From the initial thought of dating him, you can successfully lose him from the get go. No need to get over excited….there are a few things you should do first in order to lose him. I am going to guide you using ’10’ examples and if you’re consistent, you can do it in 10 days!!

Let’s call this guy ‘Christian Grey’ for shits and giggles (and a little bit of fantasy. You’re welcome)



For the purpose of this blog being aimed at females who would like a committed relationship, let’s say Christian has gone beyond the flakey, “we should go out some time” or “I might see you out”, nonchalant, not THAT interested in focusing on you approach, and he ACTUALLY set up a traditional date.

He CALLS. Yes, he has your phone number and calls you to have a chat and asks if you would like dinner on Friday night?

YOUR REPLY: “I’d love to. I have a night planned with the girls but I will just cancel. No biggy”

Congratulations!!! There is a good chance the invitation may not come to fruition just via this response alone. Let’s say though, he either misheard you, didn’t hear you at all, the ‘end’ ‘ding’ on the microwave cooking his Chicken, broccoli and beans is louder than your comment, or he’s the minority who may be THAT in to you, he ignores the underlining feeling most men would get from this reply.

CHRISTIAN: “Sweet. I’ll message you during the week”

As soon as you’re off the phone, you create a messenger group and name it ‘True Lovin’. It includes 3 or 4 of your closest gal pals and you send a message canceling Friday night, bursting with anticipation about this date with Mr Grey, cancel your Friday night plans with them, you describe how perfect he sounds – unlike the other fkboys you’ve dated, he could possibly be ‘the one’ and start to look through google images of perfect honeymoon destinations. Plus, your support network is now off to the gym to start ‘shredding’ to fit in to their bridesmaid dress.


Want to know why this is such an effective way to lose a high value (or any guy for that matter) man? I will reveal it before tomorrow night’s, Day 2 Scenario.