I have a story and I want to share it with you.
I’m Marea Lambert-Barker. An actress, DJ, artist, radio and TV presenter, vegetarian, animal lover, proud Auntie and well travelled in life.
I want you to ‘walk with me’ as I share my journey, what I have experienced and how I’ve lived and dealt with these as a way to help YOU. Through some of my hardest times I have flicked through social media and started my days laughing at memes and laughing can be the best medicine.

Some paths have led me to have a lot of ‘alone’ time and read an abundant amount of self help, personal growth, love and relationship books and I have since practised them in my every day life.

I’ll combine light hearted memes with either fun, educating, deep, quirky or intimate blogs. Offering tips and reviews on ways to increase your potential to add more happiness in your life, from exercise and healthy mind and body, to self development, relationship and personal tips, social, career and life inspiration. I’m not an expert and I don’t claim to be but if I am able to help just one person, I will be happy. At times my posts may suit a longer attention span but I will summarise them via my instagram (www.instagram.com/marealb1)

In a generation flaunted with perfection, my goal is to show you that being NOT ok, is ok….in fact it’s normal and on the other side of darkness and terror is peace and happiness.
Much love.
Marea x

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